Quest partners with the world's leading companies to help early career women launch and accelerate their careers.

Our Mission

At QUEST, we believe that organizations have a promising opportunity to capture by focusing on women at early stages in the pipeline.

To date, most talent strategies have focused on women at the senior leadership, executive, or board level but research shows that this is too late. Research highlights that early interventions can alter the shape of the female talent pipeline. By exposing an unlimited number of early career women at partner organizations to QUEST, we hope to change the shape of the female talent pipeline.



Our Method


QUEST inspires you (the early career woman) to create a meaningful career you excel in. We then equip you with the resources you need to take action. We believe all women are capable of living with purpose, working with passion, and making an impact. You just need the right resources, tools, and support to make this dream a reality. That's where we come in!


Our Solution

By partnering with QUEST, your organization will receive unprecedented access to:

1. Virtual University: An amazing resource for an unlimited number of colleagues at your organization. Participate in the QUEST 'Leading You' Webinar Series: An interactive online series featuring skill-building sessions (e.g. confidence, working parenthood, quieting your inner critic) by top experts. Access on-demand sessions + action guides that help women plan for and achieve sustainable success; anytime, anywhere access for an unlimited number of colleagues at your company. Curated research and actionable advice (e.g. the month's top articles, podcasts) that help women launch and accelerate their careers.

2. Virtual Custom Program: The worldwide pandemic has reconfigured how we live, work, connect and care for ourselves, our families and our communities. Even for the most prepared and optimistic individual, the unprecedented rate of change during this time and the level of uncertainty can seem daunting. In QUEST's virtual custom program, participants will learn actionable techniques, tools, and tips to help them manage (and hopefully even optimize) this time. Rooted in QUEST's research-driven framework, this learning journey will guide participants through personal reflections and interactive exercises to Explore who they are, Own their choices and career, Unleash their confidence to lead, and Repay others.

3. Research-Based Approach: QUEST brings you learning content and tools based on cutting edge research on early-career women conducted by QUEST and from globally recognized thought leaders.



The event was absolutely fantastic - both thought provoking and inspiring. I have received nothing but positive feedback from the team. Personally, the event provided me with tangible aspirations and goals that I was able to take back with me and begin actioning.

- Program participant -

A heartfelt thank you to you and your team for organizing the Women Leaders Program. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only learn from the experiences of senior leaders, but also to reflect and share ideas with fellow upcoming women leaders.

- Program participant -

Your collective leadership identity combining experience, honesty, openness and vulnerability resonated very deeply with me. I will be sure to take the lessons and advice you shared into my own career journey.

- Program participant -