Are you ready to create a fulfilling and exciting career you excel in? QUEST is your catalyst for inspiration and transformation. We provide you with the expertise, tools, and connections to find your purpose, follow your passions, and unleash your talent.

Our Mission

At QUEST, we believe that organizations have a promising opportunity to capture by focusing on women at early stages in the pipeline.

To date, most talent strategies have focused on women at the senior leadership, executive, or board level but research shows that this is too late. Research highlights that early interventions can alter the shape of the female talent pipeline. By exposing an unlimited number of early career women at partner organizations to QUEST, we hope to change the shape of the female talent pipeline.



Our Method


QUEST inspires you (the early career woman) to create a meaningful career you excel in. We then equip you with the resources you need to take action. We believe all women are capable of living with purpose, working with passion, and making an impact. You just need the right resources, tools, and support to make this dream a reality. That's where we come in!


Our Solution

By partnering with QUEST, you – the early career woman - will receive unprecedented access to:

1. Virtual Campus: An unlimited number of early career women at your company have the opportunity to build their professional toolkit through QUEST’s Virtual Campus. The campus includes virtual sessions and follow-up action guides on the essential skills, capabilities, and perspectives women in the early stages of their career need. You will have the opportunity to attend monthly interactive online modules on topics vital to early career female talent featuring the world’s top thought leaders: inspirational role models, business school faculty, and leading corporate executives.

2. Worldwide Live Programs: Offered globally, QUEST events bring together experts from across the globe to share ideas, lessons learned from senior women leaders, and leading practices. A select number of participants from each company will be invited to attend.

3. A Dynamic & Engaged Global Community: World-class companies, leading business schools, and thousands of women are part of our vibrant global learning community. At QUEST events, you will connect to peers and mentors to gain ideas, receive feedback, and plan action steps to address the challenges you face.

4. Research-Based Approach: QUEST brings you learning content and tools based on cutting edge research from ICEDR, globally recognized thought leaders, and the exemplary business schools in the QUEST network. In addition, each company may participate in an annual custom call to learn about QUEST’s latest research on early career women.



The event was absolutely fantastic - both thought provoking and inspiring. I have received nothing but positive feedback from the team. Personally, the event provided me with tangible aspirations and goals that I was able to take back with me and begin actioning.

- Program participant -

A heartfelt thank you to you and your team for organizing the Women Leaders Program. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only learn from the experiences of senior leaders, but also to reflect and share ideas with fellow upcoming women leaders.

- Program participant -

Your collective leadership identity – combining experience, honesty, openness and vulnerability – resonated very deeply with me. I will be sure to take the lessons and advice you shared into my own career journey.

- Program participant -