Research highlights that early interventions can alter the shape of the female talent pipeline. By exposing an unlimited number of early career women at partner organizations to QUEST, we hope to change the shape of the female talent pipeline.

QUEST Team Members



Lauren Noël

Founder & Managing Director, QUEST


Christie Hunter Arscott

Managing Director, QUEST


Geraldine Haley

Senior Fellow, QUEST


Betsy Myers

Senior Advisor, QUEST


JoEllyn Prouty McLaren

Senior Advisor, QUEST


Doug Ready

President, ICEDR


Joanne Hering

Director of Finance and Administration


Chantal Olson

Director of Strategic Planning

QUEST Advisory Council


Lisa Abramson

Mindfulness Based Achievement


Karen Brown

Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Baker & McKenzie


Inger Buus

Head of Executive and Management Development
JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Dr. Tanvi Gautam

Founder & CEO
Leadershift Inc


Donnell Green

Head of Human Resources
BlackRock, Asia Pacific


Geraldine Haley

Coach and Former Head of Executive Talent
Standard Chartered Bank


Zabeen Hirji

Chief Human Resources Officer
RBC Financial Group


Sylva Juliano

VP of Enterprise Learning & Leadership Development


Dan Robertson

Diversity & Inclusion Director
Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion


Claudia Schlossberger

SVP Group HR


Richard Smith

Professor of Strategic Management (Practice)
Singapore Management University


Tara Swart

The Unlimited Mind


Rita Vanhauwenhuyse

VP Talent & Learning


Rayna Zacks

McKinsey & Company