Make it Happen

QUEST is delighted to announce the launch of the special research report,

MAKE IT HAPPEN: How Women Leaders Unleash Their Strengths


How Women Leaders Unleash Their Strengths

We live in a world where less than five percent of CEOs around the globe are women. If more women are going to rise to the top, we need to understand the lessons of those who have made it. This research report features practical advice from exceptional women around the world. Building on prior QUEST research, What Executives Need to Know About Millennial Women, this research highlights how the next generation of women leaders can Make It Happen! and unleash their strengths to build successful careers and meaningful lives.

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  View   A Letter From The Authors

  View   Uncovering Leadership Skill Sets & Mindsets

  View   Mastering Mindset Dualities

  View   The Individualistic Mindset

  View   The Collective Mindset

  View   The Adventurer Mindset

  View   The Planner Mindset

  View   The Inward Mindset

  View   The Outward Mindset

  View   Assess Yourself & Reflection

  View   Make It Happen

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Baker McKenzie

"I stepped out of my comfort zone and moved to the other side of the world to see what would happen. Hong Kong is where I became 'Kate' as opposed to being 'Malcolm's daughter' or 'Emma's sister'."