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Perfecting Your No Guilt "No"

By: Lisa Abramson, Founder, Wise Mama
Driven and ambitious women are feeling increasingly overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out, and itís not sustainable. Lisa Abramson will share tips and strategies that you can start using immediately to build a successful career and life without sacrificing your wellbeing along the way. You'll learn a powerful "saying no" framework and get a "cheat sheet" to make saying no less stressful in the future. After this session, you'll be able to confidently deliver a firm and appropriate no without the side of guilt. Yes to that!

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The Spark Lies Within

By: Dr. Tanvi Gautam, Founder & CEO, Leadershift Inc.
Sometimes you lean in and sometimes you lean out. Sometimes you think the answer lies somewhere 'out there' without a doubt. But the ones who have found the answer will tell you this for sure: We are nothing but stars wrapped in skin. The spark that you seek 'lies within'. It is time to talk to the one person who knows the right answer for you. It is you. Come on a journey of reflection & self-discovery where you awaken to the power of the woman within.

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How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty - Part 2

By: Vanessa Loder, Mindfulness Based Achievement
If you're successful, chances are you've stepped up, taken on a lot of responsibility, and been willing to go the extra mile. But there comes a point in your career and life, where saying "yes" all the time no longer serves you. In fact, learning how to say an effective and appropriate "no" is one of the most vital skills for successful leaders and yet, research shows, this is one of the most under-utilized tools for women. In this QUEST Virtual Campus session, Vanessa Loder, Co-Founder, Mindfulness Based Achievement, will give you practical tips for saying no with ease.

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Conscious Goal Setting + Getting Clarity Your Way

By: Lisa Abramson, Mindfulness Based Achievement
Do you find yourself reacting to life's demands rather than intentionally creating a path forward? Have you noticed how easy it is to see potential in colleagues and friends but how often we second guess our own abilities? In this interactive session, Lisa Abramson, Co-Founder, Mindfulness Based Achievement, will walk you through a proven three step process for gaining clarity on your goals and taking action to make your vision a reality. This session will help you unlock a bolder vision for your life and uplevel your potential by harnessing the tools of conscious goal setting.

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How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty

By: Lisa Abramson & Vanessa Loder, Co-Founders, MBA
How can you "lean-in" without burning out? Women are more likely to perform non promotable tasks, more likely to be asked to perform non promotable tasks and say "yes" when asked to perform non promotable tasks.

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Defining You

By: Christie Hunter Arscott and Lauren Noel, QUEST
In this QUEST Virtual Campus Session, Christie Hunter Arscott, Principal, QUEST and Lauren Noel, Managing Director, QUEST discuss how to define your passions and strengths. Click for Action Guide

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