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Inspiring and practical ideas demand 24/7 access. Download these online modules on topics vital to early career female talent featuring the world’s top thought leaders: inspirational role models, business school faculty, and leading corporate executives.

Perfecting Your No Guilt "No"

By: Lisa Abramson, Founder, Wise Mama
Driven and ambitious women are feeling increasingly overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out, and it’s not sustainable. Lisa Abramson will share tips and strategies that you can start using immediately to build a successful career and life without sacrificing your wellbeing along the way. You'll learn a powerful "saying no" framework and get a "cheat sheet" to make saying no less stressful in the future. After this session, you'll be able to confidently deliver a firm and appropriate no without the side of guilt. Yes to that!

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10 Things I Learned That May Aid You on Your Way to the Top

By: Cheri Alexander, University of Michigan
If more women are going to rise to the top, we need to understand the leadership lessons of the women that have made it. In this QUEST Virtual Campus Session, Cheri Alexander, Faculty and Chief Innovation Officer, Exec Ed, University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business will share essential advice that will help you take the next step in your career. Are you embarking on a career change or starting a new role? Do you aspire to reach the upper ranks of your organization? If so, here are the ten essential tips she learned in her Corporate career, that you may want to know when crafting your journey. Drawing from her experience as the Vice President of International Operations - HR, and President of the General Motors University, Alexander will provide a roadmap for thriving in your career.

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Making Inclusion, Inclusive

By: Khalil Smith, D&I Head, NeuroLeadership Institute
Organizations have made great progress with supporting certain groups, and in the process have facilitated a backlash that is now working its way through lots of companies. This has reached a point where ‘If you’re not actively including, you’re probably accidentally excluding’. This shows up in diversity training that has a ‘difference focus’ and in programs that highlight a particular group. Sometimes that is necessary and appropriate, but there are certainly trade-offs and implications that leaders and D&I professionals should be aware of and attentive to.

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The New Dad

By: Brad Harrington, BC Center for Work & Family
Over the past seven years, much of the Boston College Center for Work & Family’s research has focused on the changing role of fathers. An under-researched area within the work-life field, recent evidence suggests that working fathers may experience as much or more work-family conflict than their female counterparts. As a result, the Center has undertaken and released the results of seven unique reports that focus on the lives of these men. Dr. Brad Harrington, Executive Director of The Boston College Center for Work and Family will share the Center's latest research findings on The New Dad and will propose action steps for individuals and organizations.

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The Spark Lies Within

By: Dr. Tanvi Gautam, Founder & CEO, Leadershift Inc.
Sometimes you lean in and sometimes you lean out. Sometimes you think the answer lies somewhere 'out there' without a doubt. But the ones who have found the answer will tell you this for sure: We are nothing but stars wrapped in skin. The spark that you seek 'lies within'. It is time to talk to the one person who knows the right answer for you. It is you. Come on a journey of reflection & self-discovery where you awaken to the power of the woman within.

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Finding Joy in Disruption

By: Kathleen O'Connor, London Business School
As part of an ongoing research project on women’s career decisions, women of all ages and from a variety of professions have shared their stories with Kathleen O'Connor, Visiting Associate Professor, Organisational Behaviour, London Business School and her co-investigator. No two stories are the same, but what is common to many is that they challenge our ideas of what would make a joyful and fulfilling life. Once-happy marriages end in divorce, a company we loved whose mission we respected stops being that place, we lose our jobs, people we love need our care, time, and attention. Even happier interruptions—children, promotions, opportunities to relocate—can pull us off the course we had been on and lead us to re-evaluate who we are and where we are going. In this session, Professor O'Connor will highlight a handful of lessons that have emerged from this research and illustrate them with powerful stories of real women, making real decisions, and crafting joyful lives.

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