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How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

By: Vanessa Loder
If you sometimes feel like a fraud, no matter how much you’ve accomplished, you’re not alone. Many high achievers are uncomfortable with acknowledging their own role in their success. According to research, “Imposter Syndrome” affects 70% of people, and it tends to impact women the hardest. In careers that are more male dominated, women often feel isolated and begin to doubt themselves and their ability, despite external evidence and validation. This feeling of being a fraud or not feeling qualified can prevent women from reaching their full potential. This QUEST Virtual Campus Session is for women leaders who want to support themselves and others in overcoming imposter syndrome. After applying these lessons, you will experience improved self-worth and increased confidence to go after your goals with a firm belief that you can do it.

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Early Career Experiences That Will Position You for Success

By: Dr. Kyra Sutton, Assistant Professor, Rutgers
As women we are focused on gaining work experiences, doing our best, and finding an organization where we can add value. Yet, we're less focused on finding roles that will position us for complex roles later in our careers, including leadership opportunities. In this session, Rutgers University Assistant Professor Kyra Leigh Sutton will describe the five types of job experiences you should have early in your career that will prepare you for complex roles.

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How Working Parents Can Feel Less Overwhelmed, and More in Charge

By: Daisy Dowling, Founder & CEO, Workparent
Join us as Daisy Wademan Dowling, working-parenthood expert and the Harvard Business Review’s columnist on working-parent issues, explains simple, specific strategies for staying calm, centered and in control while balancing the demands of work and family.

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A Conversation on Work and Family Before You Become a Working Mother

By: Danna Greenberg, Professor, Babson College
Early career professional women frequently find themselves wondering about how to integrate career and motherhood -- often long before they become pregnant. These internal conversations can lead to fear and self-doubt about if and how one integrates work and motherhood. Danna Greenberg, co-author of Maternal Optimism and the Walter H. Carpenter Professor of Organizational Behavior at Babson College, will share concrete actions you can take now to better position yourself to positively integrate work and family when you are ready.

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Quieting Your Inner Critic

By: Lisa Abramson, Founder, Wise Mama
With burnout on the rise and external demands on your time greater than ever, you need to double down on strategies to manage your “inner game” and increase your mental resiliency. Executive Coach, TEDx Speaker and Mindfulness Expert Lisa Abramson will share proven hacks that you can start using immediately to quiet your inner critic and avoid the trap of what she calls “Almost There” Syndrome. After this session, you'll feel refreshed and have new tools to tame your inner critic, boost your willpower and elevate your confidence.

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The Power of Asking

By: Alison Wood Brooks, Harvard Business School
Professor Alison Wood Brooks is one of the top rising star professors at Harvard Business School. In this QUEST Virtual Session, Professor Brooks shares that conversation is a profound part of the human experience and an important vehicle of productivity in the workplace. We all make mistakes in conversation — we say things we shouldn’t, and don’t say things we should. This QUEST Virtual Campus session will focus on a conversational tool we should all use more often: question-asking. Professor Alison Wood Brooks from Harvard Business School will share her research on question-asking to help you improve your ability to learn (and to be liked) at work.

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