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Overcome Self-Doubt and Create a Resilient Mindset that Lasts

By: Lisa Abramson, Founder, Wise Mama
In order to advance your career and command strong executive presence, you need to get more comfortable putting yourself out there, taking risks and being truly seen. Yet as girls many of us received messages around the importance of blending in and being liked but this type of thinking can block you on your path to success. Lisa Abramson will share tips and strategies that you can start using immediately to overcome self-doubt, tap into your growth mindset, and tackle challenges with a newfound sense of confidence, courage, and dedication. When we learn to flip the switch on our inner dialogue, we start to embody a fierce type of resilience that makes us unstoppable.

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What You Need to Know about the Tour of Duty Career

By: Rita Gunther McGrath, Columbia Business School
Rita Gunther McGrath is regarded as one of the world's top experts in strategy and innovation, with a particular emphasis on strategy execution in volatile markets. In this session, Rita shares that career ladders no longer represent the reality for most women entering the workforce. As an alternative, Rita Gunther McGrath, Professor, Columbia Business School, encourages you to think of creating a series of tours of duty that help build your skills and mastery over time.

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How Women Leaders Build Careers They Thrive In

By: Lauren Noel and Christie Hunter Arscott, QUEST
In this QUEST virtual session, Christie Hunter Arscott and Lauren Noel, Managing Directors, QUEST share the six mindsets high powered women leaders display that have made the difference in accelerating their careers. You will walk away with a framework and tangible action steps that outline how you can put these mindsets into action to advance your career.

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What Works: Charting the Course - Getting Women to the Top

By: Melissa Artabane, Bain & Company
The path to senior leadership is a strenuous and long climb. On paper, women appear prepared for the ascent — they now make up a majority of college graduates. Ambitious women are moving up the corporate ranks, but disproportionately few reach the summit. To understand why such a significant imbalance persists, Bain & Company and LinkedIn surveyed men and women who work for companies in the US and who have at least a bachelor’s degree. This session details the results of this study and proposes actions your organization can take to help more women reach the upper ranks.

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Design Thinking: Challenges and Best Practices

By: Josemaria Siota, Director of Research, IESE
Drawing inspiration from designers and artists, design thinking can be a great tool for companies looking to connect with customers and innovate quickly. In this session, Josemaria Siota, Director of Research, IESE Business School will share some of the common challenges and best practices in applying design thinking, based on a recent study conducted by IESE and Oliver Wyman.

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How to Build Your Courage and Confidence

By: Gemma Hiett and Steve Craggs, Baker McKenzie
Confidence is a skill that can be improved over time. In our conversations with early career women and senior leaders, the topic of confidence often arises. But, what actions can you take to increase your confidence? In this QUEST Virtual Campus Session, Gemma Hiett, Learning & Development Manager, Baker McKenzie and Steve Craggs, Head of Learning & Development, Baker McKenzie give you practical tips that you can implement immediately that will help you to build your courage and confidence.

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