New Research

QUEST is delighted to announce the launch of the special research report,

MAKE IT HAPPEN: How Women Leaders Unleash Their Strengths


From The Signature Sponsor

The stories you are about to read have the power to inspire. But more than that, personal stories have the power to really challenge us.

Resilience is a powerful tool. Yes, we are all in control of our own success, however to make it work, this must be matched with the support and encouragement from those around us. At Baker McKenzie we have made it a critical business issue to improve the number of women in both partnership and leadership positions. Gender targets have been set, bespoke mentoring and sponsorship programs have been designed and we are committed to change.

Evidence shows that companies who have at least thirty percent women in leadership positions will be most successful in retaining female talent. For women who currently occupy leadership roles, investing time and effort in being positive role models for the next generation of women, will help encourage them to aim high, achieve their goals and prove that as women we can and will "make it happen!"

My special thanks goes to Lauren NoŽl and Christie Hunter Arscott of QUEST who conducted the many interviews you'll find throughout the report. I am sure you will enjoy reading the different stories, and perhaps you too will feel inspired.

Best regards,
Constanze Ulmer-Eilfort
Member of the Global Executive Committee of Baker McKenzie
Chair of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Committee

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