Know Me

Invest the time to understand me as a person, including my passions, interests, desires, and needs both in and out of work.

Know Me

The early career women we've interviewed want their organizations to understand them as people. In our survey, 94% of millennial women stated that it was important for their organizations to understand that they are whole people with interests outside of work.

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How Working Parents Can Feel Less Overwhelmed, and More in Charge

Join us as Daisy Wademan Dowling, working-parenthood expert and the Harvard Business Review’s columnist on working-parent issues, explains simple, specific strategies for staying calm, centered and in control while balancing the demands of work and family.

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Be Well, Work Well, Simple Things You Can Do to Be Your Best Self

Here are Shalah Akhtar's slides from her presentation on Be Well, Work Well, Simple Things You Can Do to Be Your Best Self.

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Leadership Capital: Behavior

Personal characteristics are important drivers of behavior, but so are environmental characteristics. Chicago Booth's Linda E. Ginzel explains why the simplest way to change someone's behavior is often to change their situation.

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