Challenge Me

I need to grow and continue my learning through new challenges and see multiple paths to advancement.

Challenge Me

At companies where bright early career women are succeeding, junior female stars have opportunities to grow, stretch, take risks, and move throughout the organization. As one executive explained, "what early career women are looking for is 'Am I learning and growing every day?"

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Navigating the Organisational Culture

Developing leadership capabilities is often closely aligned with gaining visibility and navigating the organisational culture. In this session we will look at some of the challenges that women experience in terms of visibility and navigating the organizational cultures. We will take a look at stereotypes, biases and double binds in theory and practice. We will also explore why women have simultaneously too much and too little visibility and what to do about that. You will walk away from the session having a better understanding of the specific challenges that women face in terms of gaining visibility and navigating the organizational culture.

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Career Master Class: Getting You Ready to Drive Your Career

Download this presentation from Bukola Adisa to learn more about the skillsets and mindsets you need to advance.

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Five Keys to Accelerating Your Career

This article by Jennell Jones highlights practical tips about how you can move forward in your career.

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