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I want to interact, collaborate, and build relationships with a dynamic network of peers, leaders, mentors, coaches, and sponsors.

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A sense of community is deeply important to early career women as it provides support during times of transition, a sounding board for navigating organizational politics, and a sense of camaraderie that adds richness and meaning to work.

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The Power of Asking

Conversation is a profound part of the human experience and an important vehicle of productivity in the workplace. We all make mistakes in conversation—we say things we shouldn’t, and don’t say things we should. This QUEST Virtual Campus session will focus on one conversational tool we should all use more often: question-asking. Professor Alison Wood Brooks from Harvard Business School will share her research on question-asking to help you improve your ability to learn (and to be liked) at work.

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How to Talk: The Transformative Power of Conversations

In this presentation, Professor Alison Wood Brooks from Harvard Business School discusses her research on the transformative power of conversations.

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How can we improve workplace communication?

Technology is providing an ever-expanding menu of options for communicating with coworkers. Yet in spite—or perhaps because—of those tools, many companies suffer from cultures of poor communication. Hal Weitzman sits down with Chicago Booth faculty Ayelet Fishbach, Nicholas Epley, and Heather M. Caruso to find out what causes miscommunication inside and outside the office, and what we can do to fix it.

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