Unleash Me

I want to lead initiatives, have my voice heard, experiment, and use my entrepreneurial flair.

Unleash Me

Do you love to take a project and run with it? Do you enjoy unleashing your entrepreneurial flair? Get ideas about how to experiment, negotiate for what you deserve, take a risk, and combine your sense of imagination and pragmatism here!

Virtual Campus

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Negotiation as Problem Solving - Part 1: How to Get (More of) What You Want

In this QUEST Virtual Campus session, Stanford Professor Margaret Neale provides an introduction to negotiation.

Research & Resources

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PwC Presentation: Women in Leadership

In this presentation, Jennifer Allyn, US Diversity Strategy Leader, PwC, shares four career derailers women face and suggested actions on how to address them.

External Research

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Millennial Women Face Familiar Obstacles at Work

This Wall Street Journal article shows that unwilling to wait for the corporate world to change, many women are forging a different path.

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